Mindful movement, mindful living

Welcome our new Head of Yoga, Grace! Born in the vibrant city of Lisboa, Grace discovered movement at a young age ballet and roller-skating before stumbling upon yoga.

Captivated by its profound impact on both body and soul, she was honored with the prestigious Notable Award for Best Yoga Teacher in Canada in 2016.

Rooted in the philosophy of moving with awareness and intention, she strives to create an environment where students can explore their limits, find their strength, and unlock their true potential.

Join Grace on the mat and begin your journey of self-discovery, one breath and one pose at a time.

Guilty pleasure : I absolutely hate unpacking and as such, my suitcase is always somewhat ready to go, which goes in hand with my second guilty pleasure of nonstop trip-planning

Favourite place : my family farm in Alentejo

Favourite asana : Tadasana for all it represents, and for being the foundation of all other asanas

Favourite artist : depends on mood

Favourite music