Safe and Clean

Central pillars of amplify

  • Protocols have been put in place for maximum security.
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Our approach to our health, cleanliness and hygiene has become more vital than ever.

In order to feel completely safe and practice our sport, we all need a safe, clean and disinfected environment every time we start a new workout.

And that's exactly what amplify provides.

Safety and hygiene have been central pillars of amplify since its inception and are part of our DNA.

Our powerful air conditioning system in each training room recycles and purifies the air during the session.

We clean and disinfect every room and every piece of equipment after every training session.
Nowhere else will you find such a clean and disinfected environment for sport, not even in an outdoor location.

After each training session, our dedicated cleaning team cleans and disinfects the room and equipment using disinfectant cleaning products (bleach, ammonium or alcohol).

The studio is cleaned thoroughly every day.

Here is what you need to know to keep us all safe:

Cleaning Protocols

  • Every bike (even when not used) and shoe used in the indoor cycling room is disinfected and cleaned after each use.
  • Every weight, treadmill, mat and step is disinfected and cleaned after each use in the bootcamp and yoga room.
  • Sessions are planned 20 minutes apart to allow complete cleaning of the rooms.
  • We provide wipes for you to clean your equipment if you want to.
  • Common areas are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.

Amplify training rooms are ready for you to exercise, build up your immune system, stay in good health and become a better version of yourself.