Move with purpose, live with intention

Prepare to be electrified by our newest indoor cycling sensation, Filipa!

Born in Lisbon, her fitness journey began with Amplify’s transformative cycling sessions, where she found freedom and inspiration in the dimly lit room and electrifying music.

Now, she's on a mission to share that same sense of empowerment with her riders, guiding them towards living with intention and finding strength in their true selves.

Get ready to ride to the beat of electronic jams, RnB grooves, and reggaeton rhythms, as she sets you on an exhilarating journey to unleash your inner powerhouse!

Favourite food : any type of cooking show

Favourite place : A beach, a mountain

Favourite move on the bike : tap back to a heavy beat

Favourite dancer : Changes every 2 weeks - Rosalía, Fred Again, Sabrina Claudio

Favourite music